Guilderton. Western Australia

Moore River, More Fun

Are you looking for a getaway on the beach? Or would you rather one in nature with flora and fauna? Or perhaps you’re looking for a relaxing town with recreational activities? Great news! You can get all of these things in Guilderton! The small coastal town of Guilderton, also known as Moore River, is situated around 90 km north of Perth, right by the mouth of the Moore River. With many environmental initiatives, this tourist town and its beaches are kept immaculate by the local community.


Explore our accommodation in Guilderton at Country Values Holiday Homes for an exciting holiday in Western Australia.


Why Get Guilderton Holiday Accommodation?

All our holiday homes are clean and comfortable, and you can book them for any duration. Choose a home close to the beach, on the golf course, or in the midst of the town. Below are some of the reasons to choose Guilderton as your escape spot this holiday:


  • Family-friendly: If you’re looking for a spot for your family to enjoy, Guilderton offers picnic spots, beaches, walking trails, and even the Gravity Discovery Centre, which is an interesting science education centre for the family to visit. Whatever your cup of tea, Moore River will have some family fun for you to enjoy.
  • Hobbyist: Not only is this quaint town suitable for families, but the hobbyist also has many activities to choose from. Whether you’re an angler or a golfer, Guilderton has you covered. With a picturesque 18-hole golf course, many tourists spend long hours on the green. Fishing spots are also abundant with the choice of the beaches or spots along Moore River. You can fish for Herring, Whiting, Tailor, Black Bream, and many other fish.
  • Naturalist: If you’re a nature enthusiast, there’s plenty of flora and fauna in this diverse town. With nature reserves, bird estuaries (with over 110 species recorded), sand dunes and beautiful sunsets, the outdoor admirer is spoilt for choice. Find an accommodation option in the midst of the Guilderton nature.


What’s next

All that’s left is for you to find your dream holiday accommodation in Guilderton. Country Values Holiday Homes offers lovely housing options, and you can book for any desired duration. We have accommodation managers close at hand to help you with anything you need during your stay. When you make a booking, we’ll contact you with further information.